Farmhouse transformation into two apartments by bunq architectes

What once used to be a farmhouse in Corsier, Switzerland is now an apartment, thanks to bunq architectes. The transformation actually involved the farmhouse and the existing adjacent building. The Swiss firm managed to turn those buildings into two lovely residences.

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The original barn structure first had to be smoothed in order to create to ease the transformation. The apartments have an open plan and very beautiful vaulted ceilings. The ceilings have been covered with wooden planks for a more cozy and rustic look. The kitchen and the living room have been elevated in order to allow views over the surrounding neighborhood. This is also possible thanks to the large windows.

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The apartments are filled with natural sunlight and they look very bright and airy. On the lower floor there’s a library and study separated by a partition. The second apartment is quite different than the first one. It’s a structure contained within an enclosed stairway and the special arrangement is sort of branching out from corridors. This structure is also connected to a garden at the ground level. This way the inhabitants they enjoy pleasant times outdoors as well.

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This is the story of how a farmhouse and a barn have been turned into two modern and stylish apartments. I guess you can do almost anything nowadays.{found on designboom}