Farmhouse Curtains Style For Every Room Of Your Home

Farmhouse curtains are an important element in farmhouse style. This style has become one of the most popular design styles of the current time. When you think about farmhouse-style curtains, think of neutral tones with a calming vibe. Overall, this style is all about simplicity and rustic charm.

farmhouse curtains
Image copyright Katie Martinez 

Farmhouse Curtains and Window Treatments

Farmhouse window treatments enhance the farmhouse style and make your rooms look more complete. Also, they add privacy and protection from the light. They range in color and pattern. Yet, they are usually simple in style and form.

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Thanks to the popularity of the style, farmhouse window treatments are everywhere.  Take inspiration from the following pictures. Consider how you can add these simple and beautiful window treatments to your home.

Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

There are usually smaller windows in our kitchen than in the rest of the house. Thus, shorter curtains work well in these spaces. Many designs and styles work well in a farmhouse kitchen.

Linen Curtains for the Kitchen

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Notice these curtains in this kitchen by Image Design LLC. These cafe-style curtains are made from khaki linen fabric. They allow soft light into the kitchen while offering privacy. Also, they hang from a simple curtain rod which keeps the style uncomplicated.

Natural Blinds for the Kitchen

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You can also use blinds rather than short curtains for your kitchen. These bamboo blinds filter light and give privacy to the kitchen. Also, they add texture and highlight the color of the floors and island.

Kitchen Curtains with a Pattern

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Image from Todd Richesin Interiors

This kitchen has blue floral patterned curtains which hang above the farmhouse sink. These curtains add contrast in this white kitchen. Curtains with small patterns and designs are also known as shabby chic farmhouse curtains. This look has gained new popularity because people find comfort in the nostalgic style of the past.

Farmhouse Dining Room Curtains

Curtains are important in the dining room to make this space look more cozy and complete. Also, they are important to allow you to adjust the amount of lighting in the room. They can help create the right mood for meals and dinner parties.

Mixed Dining Room Curtains

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This dining room from Rustic Warehouse Designs uses mixed material window treatments. First, there are bamboo shades that add texture. Next, rustic farmhouse curtains cover the sides of the windows. These curtains have a more casual style because they are attached with simple clips on the curtain rings. 

Roman Shades for a Farmhouse Dining Room

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If you are not interested in curtains for your dining room but still want farmhouse window treatments, consider roman shades. This dining room from Jenn Pablo Studio has a modern farmhouse look. It features a roman shade that is darker than the wall color. Importantly, it is unfussy in style and color, but it is functional. It enhances rather than competes with the design of the room.

Farmhouse Living Room Curtains

The living room is where we spend most of our daylight hours. Curtains in this room must be able to suit a variety of needs.  

Open Concept Farmhouse Curtains

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This renovation from Anne Architecture features floor-length ivory curtains. They are hanging from simple black curtain rods. Also, these curtains pull to the outside edges of the windows. This allows the outside view to dominate the room. Therefore, the windows and the view have center stage rather than the curtains. This creates a clean, less fussy look.

Modern Farmhouse Curtains

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Notice the curtains in this modern farmhouse design from The Lifestyled Company. The designer hangs the blush linen curtains above the tops of the windows.

Thus, the eye is drawn upward and the room appears taller. Also, the straight curtains hang from a simple black rod creating contrast and echoing the other elements of black in the room. If you like this look, hang your curtains above the tops of the windows.

The closer the curtains are to the ceiling, the taller your room will appear. 

Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains

Calm and simplicity are at the heart of farmhouse style. Therefore, the farmhouse style works well in the bedroom where these are important. Also, bedrooms should have window treatments that support sound sleep.

Double Curtains for the Bedroom in gallery

This farmhouse-style bedroom from Yvonne Christenson features a double curtain over the large arched window. The inside panels of macrame allow filtered light into the room. Also, the macrame adds texture: an important element in farmhouse style.

The outer curtains are heavier for when you need privacy and darkness. If you like total darkness in the bedroom, you should invest in farmhouse blackout curtains. These do not allow any light to filter through. 

Farmhouse Curtains for Contrast

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This modern farmhouse bedroom comes from the Meriwether Design Group. The cheery yellow curtains give the room the look of a modern cottage. Likewise, the blue striped bedding complements the nostalgic style. At the same time, it adds the perfect contrast to the white and yellow. 

White Farmhouse Curtains

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Crisp Architects designed this light-toned farmhouse-style bedroom. The room features farmhouse tie-up curtains hung above the window. The windows have white shades that allow privacy without blocking the outside light. While the overall look is white, the wood beams and seagrass rug add texture. 

Farmhouse Curtains in the Bathroom

This is a room where privacy is important. However, natural light is important in bathrooms because it helps increase visibility in these smaller rooms.

Checked Bathroom Curtain

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Crisp Architects designed this simple farmhouse bathroom with an alcove bathtub. This room has a window tier curtain using checked fabric. This curtain allows light into the bathroom while giving privacy. The gingham pattern is popular in farmhouse style. Additionally, you can use farmhouse buffalo check curtains. These have a larger square pattern. 

Dramatic Bathroom Curtains

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If you want to create a more elegant farmhouse style, consider curtains with plenty of extra material. Birdseye Builders designed this historic farmhouse bathroom. They create a calm style using light blues and whites. Also, they use curtains that are easily movable. If you like this dramatic look, use curtains that puddle on the floor. 

Farmhouse Curtain Rods

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As you would expect, there are many options for hanging farmhouse curtains. Yet, for farmhouse style, simplicity is key. For a modern farmhouse style, you can use the most basic option like the black curtain rod in this room from MStarr Design

Simple rod idea from Milk and Honey Life 819x1024View in gallery

You can also add curtain rods that work well with the other hardware in the room. This room from The Grit and Polish uses brass curtain rods to match the ceiling light. 

Simple rod idea from Milk and Honey Life 819x1024View in gallery

If you like DIY, consider this simple rod idea from Milk and Honey Life. They use a rustic branch mounted with curtain hardware for the simple white bathroom curtain. 


Where do I buy farmhouse curtains? 

Because the farmhouse trend is such a popular design style, you can find farmhouse curtains at most retailers. Also, if you want something handmade, you can look on sites like Etsy. Further, you can consider a DIY project and make your own farmhouse curtains. You can also make farmhouse drop cloth curtains. 

How should I measure my room for curtains? 

First, decide on what length you want for curtains in your room. Some of the most popular lengths are from the top of the window to the bottom of the sill or to the floor. Then, decide on the location of your rod. Next, measure the length from the top of the rod to the bottom of the curtain. This will tell you the height of the curtain you should buy. Last, measure the width of the window and make sure you buy enough panels to comfortably close the curtains. 

How do I hang farmhouse curtains? 

Before you begin, decide what size curtain you need for the room and where you want to place the curtains on the wall. The curtains should easily cover the width of the window. Then, decide where you want to mount the rods by thinking about the height of the curtains. Finally, gather your materials and measure the space to determine accuracy.

How should I choose curtains for the living room? 

Choosing curtains depends on the style you want your room to have. If you like the farmhouse style, consider simplicity your guiding idea. However, even with this in mind, you can use a variety of styles and patterns. Yet, you can never go wrong with simple neutrals like white or ivory. Most importantly, the curtains should work well for your lifestyle

Should curtains touch the floor? 

The length of curtains depends on the room, your lifestyle, and design goals. Floor-length curtains have a more formal style than short curtains or shades. Also, they can be hard to maintain if you have small children. If you want the look but think they won’t work well with your lifestyle, think about one room where you can put them. Consider a room where your children do not go, like a formal dining room. This might be a good place to start with floor-length curtains. 

How high should I hang curtains? 

A good rule to follow when hanging curtains is that they should be at least 4”-6” above the window frame. Designers recommend hanging curtains even as high as the ceiling. This can make your room look taller than it really is.

How long should curtains be? 

Good style does not mean one length for curtains. Again, the length of your curtains should be decided by your needs. Also, window treatments can be beautiful at all lengths including from the top of the sill to curtains that touch the floor. 

How can I hang curtains from the ceiling? 

Hanging curtains from the ceiling can make your room look taller than it is. First, find a bracket that is made for hanging from the ceiling. Then, measure where you want the brackets and mark the place. Next, drill a hole and insert anchors to hold the screw. Last, screw in the brackets and mount the rod for the curtains.

Farmhouse Curtains: Conclusion

Farmhouse curtains work well in every room. They increase the style and enjoyment of your home. In the end, curtains should not be the center of attention in the room. Rather, they should create a backdrop for your style to shine.