Abandoned Farmhouse Converted Into A Modern Family Home

After being abandoned and untouched for over 50 years, an old farmhouse was finally rescued and once again transformed into a cozy family home. The project took place in Asturias, Spain and was completed in 2015 by PYO arquitectos.

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The architecture company in based in Madrid and its two founders have been working as a team snce 2002, receiving numerous awards and mentions. In 2013 the company also launched OPYO, a section that focuses on furniture design.

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The house is now called Casa TMOLO and includes two structures: the main house and the stable, both of white have been renovated. The full renovation focused on adapting these two construction sites for the clients’ contemporary needs. Both structures were severely damaged and in very bad condition, overgrown with vegetation and in need of immediate repairs.

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The separate stable structure was a stone and timber building, badly deteriorated. Most of its walls had to be replaced. A similar description could be used for the main house as well. Its facade had to be reconstructed and for this the architects chose to use white concrete and local stone.

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Parts of the facade, originally of stone and brick, were replaced by monolithic walls of concrete which reproduce the texture of the timber, maintaining a cozy and rustic look throughout. A new load bearing structure was created for the main house. Its role was to reinforce the old stone walls as well as to provide insulated for the structure.

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The house sits on a steep mountain slope overlooking a valley. While this offers it some spectacular views, it also means that there’s a two meter difference in level between the North and the South facade.

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To deal with this issue, the architects chose a staggered arrangement of the ground floor spaces. This allowed them to create a series of connected zones situated at different heights. The team didn’t use any conventional partitions for these spaces. The supporting walls were replaced by light metal pillars.

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A large triple height living room was created along the entire length of the building. It has windows with deep recessed and large wooden shutters designed to resemble barn doors. The entire interior space is organized around four diamond-shaped structures which run vertically though the house.

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A metal staircase with bookshelves along its supporting wall offers access to the rest of the spaces. The first floor houses two bedrooms. The master bedroom opens onto a corner terrace and offers expansive views. In between the two sleeping areas there’s a double-height space with views of the valley.

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In the case of the separate stable structure, the haylofts on the upper level were converted into bedrooms. This allowed the architects to transform the ground floor into a large central lounge space able to serve as a multifunctional zone.

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A combination of white concrete, iron beams, weather-beaten wood and local stone was used for the entire transformation. It offers the house and its extension an eclectic look, in between rustic, industrial and modern and gives it a lot of character.

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