Fantastic Balancing Barn House in Suffolk, England

Located in the beautiful English countryside, by a small lake in Suffolk, this unusual holiday home uses the traditional barn shape and gives it a modern twist. The Balancing Barn was a project by MVRDV, an architecture studio founded in 1993 which has a collaborative and research-based design method that involves both the clients as well as a series of experts from a wide range of fields.

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The result of such a design approach is a contemporary holiday home that combines elements of traditional architecture and modern design elements and techniques. The 200 square meter structure cantilevers on one side, extending over a small slope.

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The reflective metal sheeting covers the entire barn which 30 meters long and has a linear design. The 15 meter long cantilever definitely stands out. The house remains stable and well balanced thanks to its rigid structure. It has a central concrete core and different types of materials for the two sections. The sections that was built on the ground uses heavier materials.

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The interior features timber panels on the walls and ceiling and an overall simple and flexible décor able to accommodate both small ad large groups of people. The kitchen and a large dining room are situated near the entrance. A series of four double bedrooms with separate bathrooms are then contained in the remaining space. At the cantilevered end there’s a large living area surrounded by large windows.