Fancy a Drink? Top 6 Stylish and Unique Liquor Cabinets

Where do you store your bottles of spirits and liquors? In the back of one of your cupboards? On top of a kitchen cabinet? This sames to be the normal solution for many. However, we encourage you to make your liquor cabinet a statement piece in your living room or dining room area. There are lots of stylish and innovative drink cabinets available today and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. Take a look at our top six favourites…

1) Suitcase Liquor Cabinet.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

Using a suitcase as a liquor cabinet is extremely innovative and works fantastically for those trying to emulate a vintage feel in their home. This can also be a great show piece for anyone who is lucky enough to have a home bar. Any old suitcase will literally do. It is also worth buying some silk or satin and lining the inside of the case to make it more plush.{found on etsy}.

2) Folding Liquor Cabinet.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

This cabinet is ideal for those looking to make best utilisation of space. It doubles up as a liquor cabinet and a side table. The great thing about this folding cabinet is as you can see; when you open it up everything comes out neatly positioned; glasses, liquor bottles and cigars in place. This is perfect for any man who likes to have a nice short and a cigar after a social gathering.{found on site}.

3) Police Box.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

This Police Box drinks cabinet would look well placed in any bachelor’s pad or male university students’ dorm. And the great thing about it is; you are certainly not short of places to store your alcohol! This is the type of piece that will undoubtedly become the focal point in any room and thus gather all of the attention.{found on geekosystem}.

4) Drinks Trolley.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

This drinks trolley provides a great way of storing a small selection of drinks. It would look beautifully placed in any conservatory or living room area. If you have a couple of friends coming around for social drinks then wheel the trolley to an area of convenience and place a selection of drinks on the trolley so everybody can easily access them. (We don’t advise wheeling the trolley with the drinks on top – after all, this is meant for decoration not function). Furthermore, this drinks trolley can be extremely useful if your someone who likes to host themed events, such as a Pimms afternoon.

5) Drink Barrel.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

This drinks barrel is a particular favourite as it has a real British pub feel to it. If you have a home bar then a couple of these would look stunning. However, they also look fantastic in any traditional or homely living area as well.

6) Classic Globe Bar with a Twist.

Classic Liquor Storage Zeus Globe

The Globe Bars are highly popular all over the world. Your drink neatly resides in a beautiful Globe; handy and educational – who would have thought to combine the two? This Globe Bar offers a unique twist as you have Zeus carrying the Earth. It adds more drama and personality and thus generates more attention.