Family Multifunctional Furniture by Jin-Young Lee

Kids are always attracted by funny and interesting things. That is why you must be careful when you choose an object for them. It has to be colorful, useful, funny and not dangerous.

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Jin-Young Lee shows us a piece of furniture that can be very useful and attractive for our kids but not only for them. More than one kid may use it .They can write their homework and we can notice all of them at the same time. They can work as a team or play together in the same place. We can use it too. It can make our life simpler and more organized.

It is a piece of furniture that imitates a blooming flower. It is made of plywood and plastic and it can become table or chair at the same time. It depends on our activities .It has a rotative device and can be foldable too. This is another advantage for us because we get more space when we do not use it.

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