Contemporary Family Home Surrounded By Gardens

Structures built on flat lands may not be as challenging and dramatic as those clinging to cliffs but they too have their own share of originality, uniqueness and charm. Such projects come with their own set of challenges. The main subject today will be a family home located in Slavonin, Olomous in the Czech Republic.

Family home in Slavonin U shaped volume
Family home in Slavonin facade at night

The house was a project developed by JVArchitekt in collaboration with KAMKAB!NET. The first one is a studio founded in 2013 by architect Jiri Vokral with various projects in the fields of architecture, interior and urban design. The second is an architecture and interior design firm focused on diversity.

Family home in Slavonin corner window

This is a family home built on a flat land, surrounded by sites serving as private gardens. Access to the building is made from the East, where the house is connected to a driveway. The ground floor is composed of three wings and an inner atrium. Together they form a U-shaped plan oriented to the South.

Family home in Slavonin pathway leading to entrance
Family home in Slavonin main entrance

A stepping stone path framed by grass and vegetation leads to a small terrace with concrete tile flooring which wraps around the main entrance and sliding glass walls which frame the social area. The main entrance is defined by an aluminum door and is integrated into the East wing.

Family home in Slavonin semi-private outdoor areas
Family home in Slavonin curtains on exterior terrace

The East volume serves as the main service area. This is where a guest room, a dressing area, a bathroom, the utility room and laundry area are situated. This whole volume is accessed directly from the entrance hall where a central skylight brings natural light in. The garage and mechanical room are located on the same level.

Family home in Slavonin living room

The Northern wing houses the main living area, a space which opens onto a private atrium. In addition, this is also where the dining room and kitchen are placed. The kitchen is integrated into a wall niche and has its own skylight. Sliding doors offer the option of closing off the kitchen and separating it from the living space.

Family home in Slavonin kitchen and dining area
Family home in Slavonin dining space

A mobile counter separates the kitchen from the dining space. This piece also serves as a kitchen island or as occasional seating. The dining space is positioned close to the glass wall, benefiting from the natural light and view it offers. A raised wooden platform with built-in storage connects all three spaces that form the social volume.

Family home in Slavonin kitchen with skylight

The West wing is where the children’s rooms are located, serving as a private volume. A corridor connects these spaces to the main living area. Between them and the garden there’s a covered terrace designed to offer a pleasant lounge area.

Family home in Slavonin corner window in guest room

The interior design is simplistic throughout. White walls, ceilings and floors welcome warm shades of natural wood and the occasional green accents. This combination of colors allows the interior to become connected to its surroundings.

Family home in Slavonin green wall accents

The bathrooms are equally simple. They have ceramic tiles on the walls and floor and the color palette is based on white, faint beige tones and natural wood and concrete accents. Large mirrors with lighting open up the spaces creating a fresh, airy and relaxing ambiance.

Family home in Slavonin bathroom mirror and tiles

The residence has underfloor heating and the bathrooms also include towel warmers which double as wall decorations thanks to their simplistic and stylish designs.

Family home in Slavonin bathroom towel warmer
Family home in Slavonin bathroom vanity

A garden pavilion was built on the Southern side of the site. The property also includes a swimming pool framed by a concrete wall. When designing the entire project, one of the main concerns was offering the inhabitants privacy from the neighboring sites.

Family home in Slavonin swimming pool at sunset

Long curtains divide the terraces from the gardens creating semi-private outdoor spaces. They also maintain a casual and welcoming ambiance throughout. The exterior concrete wall shares in common with some of the interior doors and panels a series of perforated small round holes.