10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Fall Mantle

If you have a fireplace, you are super lucky for two reasons. One, you get to indulge in cozy winter nights by the flames of which I am super jealous. Two, you have a mantle that you get to decorate with the change of seasons. There are some pretty stellar mantle decorating ideas out there. Especially when it comes to decorating for Fall. Are you ready for pumpkins and leaves because that’s what you’re going to find in this post. Check out these 10 tips and tricks for decorating your Fall mantle, you lucky dog.

non fall colors mantles

Pumpkins obviously should be included somewhere in your Autumn decorating. I vote for putting several on your mantle. Whether you go for the classic orange or the modern looking white and green, they will make a lovely decoration above your cozy fire. (via The Nester)

nature mantle

Don’t forget to use some of nature’s color, too! Framing some bright leaves between glass can be a lovely way to bring in the reds and golds of Fall. Or you can fill a vase with branches of colored leaves for a larger display. (via BHG)

mantle paintings

Are you the type that goes thrifting to find your interior decor? Start collecting paintings in Fall colors, frame them in gold and display them on your mantle. It will be a different yet simple way to decorate that I promise you’ll enjoy. (via House and Home)

feather mantle garland

You can’t go wrong if you use feathers in your Autumn decor. String a garland of them along your mantle for the best effect. Whether you glam them up with gold paint or leave them purely natural, they’ll combing the best elements of the Autumn outdoors in your living room. (via Simple Stylings)

mantle wreath

A wreath is sometimes the perfect solution to a blank space in your home. Hanging one made of wheat like this will keep your decor current from September until Thanksgiving. When you can replace it with evergreens of course. (via Blooming Homestead)

mantle pumpkin votives

Are you a candle lover? Make some votives out of the small pumpkins and gourds and fill your mantle with them. When you light those candles, you’ll end up creating the most romantic atmosphere ever. (via Real Simple)

mantle chalkboard

Chalkboards FTW! Chalkboards are one of the most versatile decorating elements. You can draw a picture on them or write a quote or Bible verse. So it’s essential that you find one to add to your mantle decor this Fall! (via French Country Cottage)

mantle banner

Banners are an awesome way to fill up the space on your mantle without spending a fortune. You can make one out of wood by buying a kit at your local craft store or out of fabric scraps you have on hand or even out of paper and let the kids help! (via The Lily Pad Cottage)

simple fall mantle

Sometimes simple is just more effective when it comes to decorating. Don’t be afraid to work with what is already on your mantle and make small changes with leaves or white pumpkins. After all, less is more, right? (via Dear Lillie)

modern mantle

Thinking you’d rather not cover your mantle in pumpkins for Fall? That’s okay too. Deck it out in gold and copper bits and pieces instead and you’ll get the same warm effect as if you used the classic decorations. (via Homemade Ginger)