Fabulous Manufactured Home in Spain by plusarkkitehdit

This house can be called as “Manufactured Home” or “Mobile home” as it has been constructed away from the site where the structure actually stands by plusarkkitehdit. However, seeing the materials, designs and finishes, it is very difficult to believe that the house has been manufactured somewhere else.

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The mobile home features well balanced impressive interiors blended with the natural environment. Like the typical Scandinavian house, this container style home also features employment of wooden structure throughout the house for creation of cozy interiors.Furniture pieces and various other decoration pieces have been used in a restricted way throughout the house. Kitchen area, dining area and the living room share an open floor plan.

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Folding comfortable chairs have been used along with low lying pristine white sofas in order to create the living space beside the fireplace. On the other hand, dining area features white table with white chairs.  Simple white lights can be seen hanging from the ceiling.

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The bedroom space is also very sober and simple like the other areas of the house. A wooden bed frame with straight lines has been introduced along with a small corner table which holds a lamp. Large rectangular window in the bedroom allows outdoor light to travel inside the bedroom and embrace the interiors.