Fabulous Kitchen Island Designs

If you have a kitchen island, you don’t have to create it in the middle of the room or only use it as a table. There are so many cool kitchen island designs. Here are some of the best picks to help make your kitchen trendier.

Make it Social.

High ceiling kitchen
Eat, Chat and Be Merry

The kitchen island can be the perfect place in the kitchen where you and your family or other loved ones congregate and enjoy a few chats over breakfast croissants. Encourage socializing by designing a kitchen island with chairs or stools.

Decide its Purpose.

High ceiling kitchen
The Kitchen Island can Display Essentials

There are different reasons why people want kitchen islands. Some might want it to become a hotspot for chatter over meals, while others could want it to be a handy area for kitchen appliances or a place that is purely decorative. Figure out what you want to achieve with your kitchen island so that you use it correctly.

Take a Seat!

High ceiling kitchen
Unique Chairs Create a Stir

Your kitchen island can be styled well with trendy chairs and/or stools. This gives it character. Get creative with your chairs and you’ll see how wonderfully your kitchen island can be used to convey the room’s personality.

Make it from Upcycled Furniture.

High ceiling kitchen
Antique Sewing Table Becomes Kitchen Island

Upcycling furniture, which basically means giving new life to old goods, can be a wonderful idea for your kitchen island. So if you thought yours had to be bought brand new, you’re mistaken. Restyle your island from an old table or other piece of furniture lying around the home.

High ceiling kitchen
Kitchen Island Made from Recovered Wood

Upcycling is a clever way to make use of furniture that is going to waste or not being appreciated. By using this idea for your kitchen island, you can create an interesting one.

High ceiling kitchen
Old Furniture is a Breath of Fresh Air

There is no limit to what can be used as a kitchen island. Even an old chest of drawers can become a delightful island that creates warmth in the kitchen.

Move it Around.

High ceiling kitchen
Movable Kitchen Island Shifts Décor to Your Needs

The kitchen island can even be on wheels so that you do not have to commit to having it in a certain area of the kitchen. In this way it can also easily be pushed aside if you need more space in the kitchen to cook or entertain guests.

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