Fabulous house in England – Lavender grove

Though this amazing house has been given the name  Lavender grove, the name “White house” is more appropriate as a white color concept has been used throughout the house in every single corner.  The house has breath-taking interiors, which bear the theme of white color.

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Various vibrant contrast colors have been used in the different corners of the house which allow the white color to show off more strikingly. The little girl’s room is mind blowing as white flooring and walls have been enhanced by the use of soft pink furnishings.

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If you take a look at these pictures you will realize that a simple bunch of blue flowers can show so great against the whole whiteness of the house, that it leaves you speechless. I guess the name of the house comes from the image of the house that looks like the house in a lavender commercial, a house that seems descending from the Victorian age when the lady of the house used lavender for the laundry.