Fabulous French Apartment Interior Design

Once you see this appartement, you really want to live in Paris or to have  the chance to reincarnate here. It is one of the secret places which were created for private events. Even from the first sight you have the feeling that you are surrounded by art and all it stands for, beginning with the details regarding the architecture, the paintings on the walls, the ornaments. What is impressive is the feeling of harmony  created by the successful combination of furniture pieces and bold colours which make the rooms unique.

Loft connection french design

The entire atmosphere is refreshing and this can be noticed while you admire the modernityof the furniture, the intricate architectural details, connected more with the classical period that characterizes Paris in particular and France in general, than to the modern one.The entire building seems to be a Rococo appartment which was modernized and this thing makes it even more incredible as it turned to be a successful combination of traditional and modern aspects.

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If the ornaments have a traditional background, the furniture pieces have a traditional touch. What is striking but in a pleasant manner is the splash of color which seems to animate the entire French atmosphere. The general feeling is that you find yourself in a palace or castle and you expect anytime the appearance of some Royal Highness.{found on loft connection}