5 DIY Fabric Storage Bins Great At Everything

Fabric storage bins are really convenient and versatile. They’re really great at everything. Use them to store clothes, toys, towels and basically pretty much anything else. Their versatility makes them great for a lot of different types of spaces and environments. So what are you waiting for? Add a fabric bin to your home and find a good use for it. You can craft it yourself and we have five lovely ideas for you to try.

Tutorial to make a reversible fabric storage bins

Check out the reversible fabric storage bins featured on Abeautifulmess. They’re perfect for storing stuffed toys, blankets and other things. Sewing them is really easy and you can do that in your spare time. You need stiff coordinating fabric, fabric scissors, straight pins and thread. Start by tracing the outline of a round object on fabric. This will be the bottom of the bin. Cut out the circle and measure its circumference. Then cut out the fabric for the walls of the bin. The width will be the circumference of the bottom piece and the height can be decided on the spot. Connect the fabric pieces, flip under the edge and press with a hot iron. Stitch the edge in place and fold down the top of the bin.

Round bottom fabric storage bucket

Consider several of these fabric storage bins. You can give each one a different design or you can use different types of fabric for each piece in order to create a diverse set. The dimensions are up to you. For each bin you’ll need two pieces of fabric for the walls and two for the bottom. You can also add a piece of interfacing, according to Filminthefridge. Have fun combining colors and patterns.

Fabric binn Tutorial

Small fabric bins are perfect for toys. So make one for the kids and use cheerful and colorful fabric to make it look attractive and fun. Don’t make the bin too large because they’ll tend to carry it around the house. The crafting process is similar to what we’ve just described. If you want, you can make several bins and label them so the kids can organize their toys, clothes and other things. Check out Thisbigoaktree for some inspiring ideas.

Modern chevron fabric handle basket

You can add two handles to a fabric bin and turn it into a storage basket. The round-bottomed bins described so far are only one of the design options to choose from. You can give your bins a square bottom if you’d like. That would be simpler in a way and the process remains the same. Cut out the bottom, then the fabric for the walls and sew them together. The handles can be made of rope or fabric. {found on makeit-loveit}

Fabric bin with handles

Another great tutorial for a fabric bin with handles can be found on Haberdasheryfun. Check out the list of supplies needed and then start following the instructions. First you cut the fabric, then you put the pieces together. Add the handles and that’s about it. You can combine two or more different fabrics in a design like this one. It’s also possible to make a reversible basket, with two different sides which you can alternate whenever you get bored of the current look.