Eye- Catching Flower Pots

Usually when spring arrives all the people think of getting their house clean, arrange things and organize everything in the house or around the house so that everything has a fresh and clean aspect. You can even think of some redecorating the house, make some changes, buy new items, replace the old ones with something more colored and fresher.

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As I was part of this category of people and I tried to make all the things in the house look nice, clean and fresh, my flower pots made no exception of all these changes. They were some old terracotta flower pots which looked dull and not so attractive.I took some sheets of colored plastic and wrapped each of them. Some elastic tissues helped me fix the plastic sheets and so they got a total new aspect.

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Here it is another way of helping you get a new aspect for your flower pots. You may use the same terracotta pots, some Mod Podge, a brush and some colored fabric. You may choose the type and color that you want for the fabric so that you can create some attractive flower pots. The technique is very simple and the final product looks really nice. It is even a better idea than the previous one, that with the plastic sheets. The combination of glue and fabric is more efficient and helps you get a better and nicer product. You will get some eye-catching and beautiful flower pots that you can use them as presents too for different types of events.{found on cristine}.