Extraordinary lighting anywhere

A light that looks like a bird’s nest with many hexagon shaped lights, certainly a great concept. These are specially designed for the increasing the comfort level of the user. The frame of these lights acts as gopher holes and the light, which is hexagon, shaped act as gophers. These lights have many gaps and each space makes the bulb glow brighter.

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It’s certainly an interesting concept that gives you the freedom of using your imagination and creativity to create your own unique design. This design was not only chosen for its looks but also for its functionality. The holes make the bulb glow brighter, enhancing the quality of your light. This way you don’t need to have those big chandeliers or to plug in extra lighting features in order to get the light you need for reading or other activities.


The shape is also interesting. It looks like a bird’s nest or, even better, like a honeycomb. The yellow is perfect. It’s interesting and functional. This is a innovation that I really like, because the designer didn’t just think of the aesthetic aspect but also at the functionality. This is how everyone should do. It’s the perfect combination between beauty and practicality. It’s a modern design, but it’s not exaggerated. It would make a great addition to a modern home, and the colors used allow it to be matched with anything else.{found on yankodesign}