Extendable Sofa by Matali Crasset

When you decorate a place the main problem that preoccupies you is how to save more space. This problem makes you appreciate things which match with this type of interior which usually is a small space. So, you will pay attention to almost any detail and you will look for those pieces of furniture or of interior design, which will help you to accomplish your mission.

Dynamic life 1 470x299

Saving space will make you prove their ability to extend or be multifunctional.It is also the case of this extendable sofa, designed by Matali Crasset.It has a modern design and it is perfect for a small interior where you need to save as much space as you can.You may use it as a bed too as it is an extendable sofa or you can get an extra place for the moments when you have guests and they need a place to rest.