Extendable Benchwright Dining table

The dining room is the place where the family usually gathers together and catch up with each other. It’s always a friendly atmosphere in the dining room and everything happens around the dining table. So it’s important to choose it right. Usually people try to find an extendable table because you never know when guests could come over and stay for dinner. It’s impossible not to find yourself in such a situation.

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The Benchwright dining table is an extendable piece that can accommodate up to 12 persons It’s also available in a fixed version, in case you don’t need extra space. The fixed table measures 74” wrong x 38” deep x 30” while the extendable table measures 86” long x 42” wide x 30” high that extends to 122” long. The table is made of thick planks of meticulously weathered ad distresses wood with forget iron.

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A wooden dining table creates a more inviting and home-like look and that’s what most people what to achieve. It has a Wax Pine finish for more durability and for a shiny look. The Benchwright dining table features oversized bolts on the legs and tabletop for a more distinguished look. It has a very simple design and this makes it very versatile. It has a sort of antique look given by the weathered and timeworn patina of the reclaimed pine top.Available from 737 euros.