Extend your living space this summer

It’s summer and it’s the season when we all want to take as much advantage of the nice weather as we can. Each year we face the same challenges: trying to find the time and space to help us enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few suggestions for how you can extend your living space for the summer.

1. Sheltered backyard patio.

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If you have a backyard, then use it. You can divide the space into several areas since it would be too much to have a single space. You can create a series of sheltered spaces and make a sitting area with chair or benches and maybe a coffee table in the middle and you can also organize a lounge space with a couple of lounge chairs where you can relax in the sunny days. Opt for simple and sustainable outdoor furniture.{found on site}.

2. Covered outdoor living area.

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This is a more complex project and it involves creating a sort of outdoor living room. It would need to have a roof but the walls are optional and could be replaced by simple columns. Inside you can create a cozy lounge area with a sofa or a couple of armchairs and even a fireplace and a TV. It would the ideal space to spend your time in in a nice summer evening. You would have to use durable materials and it would also be useful to have a simple strategy to cover the space when it’s raining so you don’t have to bring all the furniture inside or risk damaging the anything.Image source from Urbanlandscape.

3. Outdoor patio for dining and chatting.

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A nice patio is a wonderful addition to any house. It’s a space that you can use all summer and where you can enjoy dinner with family and friends but where you can also relax, chat, enjoy a cold drink and simply feel lucky to be there. If your house doesn’t already have a patio then it’s quite difficult to add one. You could use an already existing space and make some changes or you could simply build a separate structure on your property.{picture source}.

4. Outdoor lounge area with fireplace.

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A fireplace is one of the best elements to include in an outdoor sitting or living space. It creates a very cozy, casual and pleasant atmosphere and it’s ideal for those moments when you gather with some friends and remember the good times, have a drink and chat. This particular area in unsheltered and it allows you to also admire the sky and the weather and fully enjoy summer.{found on site}.

5. Comfortable outdoor living area.

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In this case the idea would be to create an outdoor living area that would offer the same comfort as the actual home. It would have to be a covered area so that the furniture can be safe. You can add a sofa or sectional, some matching armchairs and a coffee table. If you also have the same you can also add a bar. Some beautiful chandeliers or pendant lamps would really make the atmosphere cozy and pleasant.