Exquisite Ideas for Tables

From the dining room and kitchen table to the coffee table, don’t find yourself in a situation where all your tables look the same! Here are some ways to make them more distinctive and stylish.

Chalkboard Tables.

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Table Notepads Add Quick Creativity

A fun idea for a kitchen or children’s bedroom table is to have a chalkboard table that you can write or scribble on. Make lists, leave fun messages or quotes, or leave it blank for a sleeker look.

Stump Tables.

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A Few Stumps Turn into Fun Tables

Smaller coffee tables are sometimes more creative than having a large traditional one. Wooden stumps give the room a rustic feel, plus their pale wood makes them sophisticated. You can choose just one stump table or a few, depending on how much storage space you need for the room.

Table on Wheels.

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Wheeled Tables are Perfect for Laundry Rooms

Having a table on wheels can be a practical and efficient idea: you can move the table from one room to another or use it as a side trolley for extra storage. But if the table looks creative, then it can be a piece of art. A glass table on bicycle wheels? Sounds like something out of a movie. A definite décor win.

Create with Crates.

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Salvaged Wood Prevents Waste and Creates Individualized Spaces

Crates are a good idea for side tables. They help you re-use salvaged wood and can add some character to your living space. Your crate can look modern or vintage, depending on the type of wood. Either way, it can liven up a bedroom and save you some money on having to buy a side table.

Table Legs Not Required.

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Rethink Table Design

Tables don’t have to contain standard legs – they can be works of art with their modern, revolutionary design. The table in the above picture will definitely become the statement piece of a room because it is so eye-catching.

Floating Table.

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Suspended Tables Add Wonder and Art

Your guests will do a double take when they see your floating table that doesn’t have any legs. By being installed from the ceiling, a floating table can be a unique idea while saving space on the floor. It also looks really trendy and artistic.

Add Eclectic Flavor.

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Chairs Add to a Table’s Style

If your kitchen table is nothing too creative, you can still add to its personality by playing around with what surrounds it. A selection of colorful chairs can update a kitchen table and make it more interesting. Consider items of furniture that are in close proximity to the table. Adding a bit of flair to these can indirectly make a difference to the table, while adding style to the overall room.

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