Expressive Jarego House in Portugal

Located in the urban city of Cartaxo, Portugal, Jarego House is simply one of its kinds.  The house has been constructed within a lot of 24 X 120 feet, and features a floor space of 350 square meters. The central patio and the garden are vital elements of the house structure, that allow light to travel inside the house and embrace the interiors.

Jarego house3View in gallery

Jarego house3View in gallery

White walls have been used uniformly throughout the project starting from the ground floor, entrance, the living room, garden, music room and the dining room in order to bring circulation and connect the areas.

Jarego house3

The ground floor of the house features the main social sections of the house, whereas the bedrooms and the living area are provisioned on the first floor. The stone staircase connecting the floors is worth an appreciation as it only features steps and successfully creates a visual filter.{found on archdaily}