Expensive Luxurious Home Library

If you like to read but you don’t necessarily like the standard bookcases,, maybe this unusual creation will seem more appealing to you. It’s an unconventional design for a bookcase. It’s actually more than that. It’s a comfortable space where you can go to read. It will be just you and your favorite books.

Cool library unit 554x390

This unusual home library version can hold up to 400 books or several hundreds of CDs and DVDs. It’s made of 15 modular boxes arranged in a circle. It’s a glamorous piece of furniture for unconventional readers. The seat is very comfortable. You can really relax there, reading a book, in the intimacy of your own library. It even has built-in lights that will create a soft and cozy atmosphere, pleasant for the eyes and perfect for reading.

Even though I find this piece of furniture clever and very interesting, I also find it a little too big for a regular home. It takes a lot of space and the shape doesn’t really help either. Also, the price might be a problem for some people because this ingenious creation can be purchase for no less than $9.500. If you also plan on filling it with good books than you might change your mind and opt for a more traditional version.