Expensive Dog stair lift

Animal lovers have sometimes some exorbitant demands for the happiness of their pet. Or to be more exact, it’s not really about their pet happiness, but their own vanity. So if this owners spend enormous amount for a caprice, why wouldn’t we spend some money for own pets health.

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Most pet owners are dog owners so most products are destined for this specie. It seems that today more and more dog have an obesity problem. The unhealthy style of living and the unhealthy and unnatural food create this dysfunction also for dog, not only for people. It is estimated that by 2022 46% of dogs will suffer from obesity. For solving or just reducing this problem, the Insurance Company ‘More than’ created the dog stair lift.

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This device is installed in one side of the stair case and you must install a channel which will allow the basket to slide up and down. In this basket the owner will put his obese dog to transport him from a floor to another. This mechanism doesn’t solve the entire problem. You still need to lift up your dog, put him on the basket and action the machine. So the dog can’t move independently. But at least you mustn’t carry your dog by the stairs. Sometimes a dog can be very heavy and it is a little risky to lift him up on such a big distance. If you have a dog, then you already know he is a member of your family so you must do everything for his health and happiness.{found on dvice}.