Expedit Shelf from Ikea

If you have a perfect dress, but you do not accessorize it with anything, it won’t be noticed as easily. But if you add a nice necklace, a glamorous purse or some spectacular shoes the result will be guaranteed. The same way if you have the perfect furniture arrangement in a room without having anything out of the ordinary, anything customized that will show our personality and taste, it will be nothing more than a boring room , very similar to a hotel room. But you can add personality and style to a room by simply adding a little wooden shelf, mounted on the wall. You don’t have to choose a very big one, just enough to draw attention and to also fit the size of the room.

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This is the Expedit shelf from Ikea and it comes in black and white. It can match any room color and style because it is simple and shows good taste. The shelf is made of wood and has two square parts that are connected in an asymmetric bondage. It will look spectacular on a white wall and you can use it to store your CDs, books, magazines or simply to decorate the room by placing a small ceramic pot or vase inside, a nice statue, some colored  stones , sea shells or anything that you might think can be used for decorating your room in style. You can now purchase it just for $20.

Expedit shelf insert white  0116849 PE272372 S4View in gallery