Modular Bookcases With Geometric And Sculptural Designs

Modularity is one of the key features of a lot of modern bookcases and most of them combine it with a geometric design, the result being a highly customizable piece of furniture which can take a variety of forms and serve a variety of purposes. This combination of features is both practical and stylish and we have the perfect examples to support this idea with.



A growing book collection needs a bookcase that can grow with it and we just found the perfect one for the job. The REK bookcase has a zig-zag shape which allows the modules to slide in and out and to form larger structure as more books are added to the collection. The voids formed when putting two or more of these units together create interlocking compartments of different shapes and sizes.

open sectional wood veneer bookcase
Even more flexibility is offered by the JE bookcase, a system designed by Victor Caetano and made up of several box-like units which are removable and which can be combined in a variety of different ways. The whole structure is made oak wood veneer with a matte varnish finish.

Modular metal bookcase

The modular B-302 bookcase is made of metal and created by Bicure Design. Because it has a metal construction, it’s a very durable piece able to withstand the passage of time heroically. The powder coated finish ensures its long-lasting beauty. It comes in five different colors and two versions which can be mixed and matched as desired.

Sectional modular polupropylene bookcase
Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the Cosino bookcase is the type of unit you can build like a puzzle. Each module can be built separately and then combined with others to form a larger structure which can take the desired shape and size, according to the user’s storage needs. The components are made from polypropylene and plywood.

Sectional bookcase design

Another highly customizable design is that of the Alternata bookcase. It’s a modular unit just like all the others but it has a series of unique particularities. It’s made of rectangular containers of different lengths and depths which can either be open and closed and which can be customized with back panels of different colors.

Furnishing accessories collection open wall mounted
Game is the name given to this modular wall-mounted bookcase designed by Adriano Balutto Associati. The bookcase features a series of open shelves and compartments which can form geometric patterns and can be combined in lots of different ways. Enough of them can even form a large wall unit.

Tall bathroom bookshelf

Although originally designed to serve as a bathroom cabinet, the Ctline by Victor Vasilev is actually a very versatile piece of furniture which can become a stylish part of a living room, bedroom or home office thanks to its simple and interesting design. The unit is available in different heights and depths and several of them can be put together to form a more complex unit similar to a bookcase.

Aluminium bookcase units

The versatility of the Units is taken to a new level. This is the creation of Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri and comes in the form of a box-like structure which can be used as a storage container or which can be combined with others to form structures similar to bookcases. They can either complement existing furniture or become a unit itself. Also, because the modules are made of aluminum, they can also be used outdoors.

Open bookcase Duras
Four removable crates are the elements that form the Duras bookcase, a versatile and modular piece designed by Victor Caetano. It’s a low unit and the four wooden crates can be fitted and placed in various different combinations, allowing the user to form different configurations to suit the space.

Bookcase wavy alivar
Wavy is a bookcase with a very descriptive name. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, this is a unit which is made up of modular blocks which can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways in order to create a furniture piece which offers the right amount of storage or has the right space for the space it’s intended for. All joints are concealed and this gives the unit a fluid look.