Exotic Villa in Pattaya – Thailand

Exotic is the word we use when we talk about some things that are not usual for us, some things that are unique and colorful and special, characteristic to a certain place on Earth. I consider Thailand a very exotic place because it has an incredible tradition and amazing particularities when speaking about food, drink, architecture and everything else. But sometimes this tradition combines with the modern features and mixes everything in a fortunate manner leading to a beautiful result. The best example is this Villa I want to present to you that is built in Pattaya, Thailand, but has so many western features that bring the comfort and technology.

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This villa charms you with its simplicity and the fact that the color of the pool is dark blue makes it seem deeper and more dangerous, giving you a thrill while swimming there. Everything is so simple and nice, but you still have everything you might need. The villa is spacious enough, with plenty of rooms and wide windows that let the sun inside. You can feel the good taste of those that decorated it both on the inside and also on the outside and your only wish is now to move there as soon as possible.