Exotic Looking Rugs

A person’s style and preferences reflect in the way they act and dress and the same way happens to a nation. For example north people seem to be colder and less communicative and this shows in the way they get dressed in dark colours and the way they decorate their homes in hues of blue and grey. Somehow, the Eastern people are often characterized as exotic because they use vivid colours and they are surrounded by the joy of living. Eastern people are famous for their beautifully designed rugs and the amazing combination of strong colours. For example this “Eastern Colors” Rug is all decorated with beautiful and colourful flowers, exactly what I expected when I read the name of the rug. The flowers are carefully hand craved in hand tufted woolen rugs and the quality of the manufactured rug is amazing. You can pay a price between $318 and $638 for such a rug, depending on the size chosen.

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Colorful rug1View in gallery

Speaking of exotic, I feel the need to illustrate this article with a powerful example: this Juicy Colourspree Rug that makes your mouth water by just looking at it. It is so funny in design and so real that you want to taste every fruit and can almost smell the exotic fruits you can see designed on it. It is a real fruit salad of oranges, pineapples, lemons, bananas and cherries , all of them displayed against a blue background. This time the rug is not made of wool, but hand-hooked with 100% polypropylene yarns for durability. Choose the right size for it and it can be yours for a price between $60 and $795.

Both rugs are very beautiful and make you happy. They are perfect for decorating a dull room, when you want to change something and make it livelier. It is youthful and full of life, perfect for young people and for the whole family, too. So use them and don’t be afraid to show you are happy and enjoy life.