Exotic gourd lamps

I bet you never thought that a gourd can be turned into a lamp. Calabarte is here to prove you wrong. Take a look at these amazing lamps. They are so artistic and beautiful. The most amazing part is the fact that each lamp is actually made from a gourd that was brought from Senegal.

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It’s hard to believe that a simple fruit can be turned into such a beautiful art piece. The lamps were created by carefully carving deeper or shallower into the gourd thus creating all those lines that combined form an amazing pattern. The light then is free to pass through each carving, creating a very interesting effect. There are several different models and patterns that you can choose from. Each one of them was carefully crafted and it looks just like an art piece. The lamp rests on a wood base, also very interesting and artistic, finished with Italian natural oil.

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The Gourd Lamps are definitely unique. They are so detailed and beautiful that it’s hard not to like them. The design is very versatile as it would look good in a traditional home as well as in a modern or contemporary one. For a unique experience, choose the Gourd Lamps. They will instantly light up the room in a very unique way. The patterns carved allow for the light to penetrate and to project the actual pattern on the wall. The effect is very beautiful.