Exhibition Apartment With An Elegant Open Design

This elegant flat was designed by David Guerra as part of the Casa Cor Minas 2014 Exhibition. The architect was given an empty apartment in Brazil that he had to transform into an elegant and functional home.

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The design chosen for the apartment is fluid and modern, with the living room, dining area, kitchen and bedroom all combined within the same space. The lack of privacy is not an issue as sliding doors can completely close off the kitchen and a partial wall separates the bedroom from the rest of the spaces.

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The kitchen appliances and storage spaces can be completely or partially hidden behind these sliding doors. This allows the rest of the space to function as a social area.

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At the center of this social area is a piece of furniture custom designed by the architect to serve as a dining table, work space and entertainment center. The TV suspended from the ceiling at the center of the space is attached to a revolving support and can turn to face all portions of the apartment.

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Venetian blinds created using reclaimed leather ensure an elegant and, at the same time, functional look.

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The bed’s headboard is placed against a leather coated wall that conceals the closet and the bathroom placed behind it. This visual barrier provides privacy for both the bedroom and the spaces behind it, allowing the apartment to remain open and fluid.

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Instead of using masonry walls to divide the bathroom spaces, the architect opted for translucent glass which is sleek, more elegant and less imposing. Combined with a bright color palette, this detail allows the bathroom to look and feel airy and spacious.

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The floor and the ceiling and covered in reforested wood. This symmetry is not particular characteristic to modern interior designs but is unmistakably elegant and offers the whole apartment a warm and welcoming feel.

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The apartment also features numerous quirky features that give it character. For example, this bar cart is eye-catching and modern and classical at the same time. It has a bit of vintage flair even.

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The artwork displayed on the walls and throughout the apartment was chosen to reflect numerous influences and includes works of great artists, some being part of private collections.

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