Exclusive Hills Park Residence With A Glamorous Interior

In a region from Colorado, United States, across the historic Cherry Hills Country Club, there is a gated community that only features luxury homes. It’s called Cherry Hills Park and it includes only the most luxurious and glamorous residences. This is one of them.

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This residence is extraordinary, just like all the other ones surrounding it. It has an imposing look both in terms of size and design. In this gated community all the properties cover over two acres of wonderful land. They also all have 24 hour guarded entrances. This particular property, 18 Cherry Hills Park, is one of the most impressive ones there. It becomes obvious that it’s characterized by excellency on every level.

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The residence covers an area of 12,193 square feet. It has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The exterior design is a combination of modern and classic. The color palette is simple and includes elegant shades of beige, grey and brown. The interior is just as beautiful and stylish. What’s beautiful is that, even though it’s a luxurious home, it’s not opulent or overly extravagant. The residence features a gourmet kitchen, a formal living room, a series of covered patios as well as a motor court and beautiful fountains that complement the lovely gardens. The property is currently on the market and the asked price is $5,900,000.