Evermotion 3D visualization contest

Every once in a while, Evermotion organize contests where talented designers can show their potential. One of this type of contests challenged the competitors to come up with a finished render of a 3D model of the house they were given. As you can imagine, each contester cape up with a different idea and different concept for the same house.

Cement house with pool and deckView in gallery

Their choices vary from heavily industrial to antique and they are all interesting to see. So here are some of the models they’ve created. The first one is actually the winning design. It was created by Mia Sani and it’s a very industrially-looking design. There’s a lot of metal involved in that design. The pool features rocks on the bottom and the whole idea is intriguing.

Aging house with giant tranquil poolView in gallery

Japanese garden pool with cherry blossom tree petalsView in gallery

Moderh house with wood deckView in gallery

Modern one floor house with poolView in gallery

Stone house with leafy deckView in gallery

White stone house with infinity pool near beachView in gallery

Wooden deck with pooView in gallery

The second position was occupied by Jan Drozdiak’s design. This one has a nice Japanese look with cherry blossoms falling in the pool and an intimate alcove deck. The 3rd place was occupied by István Vastag who created a more romantic setting. The house is this time located by a lake and it has an aged look, tranquil and private. There were also some other very interesting design that didn’t make the top 3 but are still worth seeing. There was also a medieval design, a stone setting and one that looks like a beach house.