Eucalyptus buffet for relaxing outdoors

Spring is here, nature is coming back to life, the birds are singing and people can’t wait to get out of the house, to have picnics and all that stuff. But why bother when you can just step outside, in your own yard, and have a wonderful and magnificent time.

Outdoor buffer

If you also have a buffet, like this one, it’s going to be even more pleasant. The dimensions are 53″ wide x 21″ deep x 36″ high, so it should integrate just fine in any environment. The polyurethane finish offers even more advantages: durability and water resistance. It is also very easy to assemble to you don’t have to worry about that aspect. It is crafted from FSC-certified, moisture-resistant eucalyptus, an exotic and practical choice for a very practical piece of furniture. Admit it already, your home would not be complete without this buffet.The Chesapeake Buffet it’s available for 899$.