Decorating With Wood Coffee Tables – Elegance Meets Versatility

The coffee table doesn’t have the same important statute as a sofa or a bed although it actually should. The coffee table is the central furniture piece in the living room, the element that brings the décor together and around which all the seating is organized. As expected, its design is very important and there are many to choose from. The material, size and color matter as well. A wood coffee table will always look elegant thanks to the versatility of the material.

Wood ethos coffee table

Modern coffee tables are usually defined by very simplistic designs. They also focus a lot on the harmonious combination of function and style. A popular design, for example, offers the table a storage compartment for things like books, magazines and remote controls. Some models also include drawers for smaller things and items you don’t want on display.

kids playroom design with a white coffee table

If storage is an important criteria, then the coffee table could look similar to this one. This was actually designed as a craft table. It has storage bins that fit underneath and drawers for the smaller items. It’s the type of table that would fit nicely in a play room, home office or craft room. It’s also small enough to be comfortably used by the kids.

Wood washed coffee table

The height of the coffee table needs to be just right if, for example, you also want to occasionally use it as a desk for your laptop. Some designs feature sleek storage shelves underneath the top which are perfect for holding laptops, notebooks and other things.

Orange metalic coffee table design in front of fireplace

Some coffee table designs feature a top with a lip which is meant to prevent and contain spills. The top looks like a shallow tray and, if the table also has casters, you can successfully use it as a rolling cart for serving beverages and snacks.

Multifunctional coffee table with storage

A lot of modern coffee tables were designed to be multifunctional. For example, they can double as a small bookcase. This makes them perfect accessories for reading nooks. Use the top as usual and keep all your favorite books stored and organized underneath, always easy to grab when needed.

Warm Electric Living room Design

Storage inside a coffee table can be interpreted in a lot of ways. The focus could be, for example, on creating a lot of compartments of different shapes and dimensions. This way you can use the table as a storage area for all the basics like books, remote controls, phones, tablets, etc.

High ceiling living room with black furniture

Other designs offer a simpler approach to the whole storage problem. Sometimes a simple open shelf is offered and, if desired, storage baskets and boxes can be placed there or the shelf can be used occasionally whenever something needs to be taken off the top to make room for something else.

Rustic stone fireplace for living room

In case you don’t like the idea of having things stored on open shelves for everyone to look at, then maybe you’d like a coffee table with closed drawers instead of shelves. This sort of design makes it easy to organize everything stored there in addition to offering privacy.

rustic living room with a cool coffee table

Wood coffee tables are just what a rustic living room needs. Keep the little details to a minimum and let the wood show its natural beauty. Don’t hide it behind layers of paint or lacquer. Use the beautiful texture to your advantage.

Symmetry for living room coffee tables

When a single coffee table is not enough, two is the magic number. It’s a much better idea than having a very large coffee table. This way, if the seating area in the living room is large, each of the tables can be strategically positioned in front of a sofa or chair.

Ottoman coffee table used like storage

The opposite is also valid. A seating area that’s small doesn’t need a chunky coffee table. If you replace it with an ottoman you can save space and you can also use the ottoman as a table or as a seat, depending on what you need most.