Espacio C- Lovely Colorful Training Center by ROW Studio

The main word for official institutions is sobriety. They represent spaces which resume to formal, elegant, modern and important problems. Usually here you meet serious faces or with a formal smile.

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What about color, joy and relaxing atmosphere?Here it is Espacio C, designed by ROW Studio. It is a lovely, colorful Training Center in Mexico City.Here you will not feel bothered by anything for the contrary, although you might come with important things you will realize how nice this place is and what beautiful and relaxing moments you can spend here.It is a perfect place for working in group and informal meetings.

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The meeting rooms have modern furniture, beautifully colored. You can notice the colorful, transparent chairs made of plastic or the colorful, comfortable sofas. The painted walls are dominated by red and white colors or there are used those of the rainbow. You may also see the Coca Cola brands and the natural motifs such as flowers, birds, butterflies or leaves.If you came here, you will also remark rooms like the mediatique, the snack bar or the souvenir store.

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Espacio C seems to be a relaxing space where you can study or find out new things in a wonderful atmosphere which inspires you joy and life.The whole space is arranged in a harmonious way so that you feel comfortable and feel of confidence.