Ergonomic Push Table by Svilen Gamolov

Looking for a hi-tech design, Svilen Gamolov created a an ergonomically concept dining table. Called Push Table,the futuristic table is more an industrial work than an artistic one. The chairs come with holes  and seem to be designed in such a way that your back is supported. No word on the price and availability but the concept is pretty bizarre and futuristic that enhances your living decor.

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The ergonomic Push table is the center of the living room or of the other room you might choose to place it in and it gathers all the six chairs around it. It is rectangular in size and black and the only unusual thing about it are the four legs that are somehow arched and a bit wider than one might expect. But even though the project name is “ergonomic Push table” actually the chairs are the ones that draw your attention immediately.

Ergonomic push table by svilen gamolov

So the table is just the pretext for admiring the unusual, post modernist chairs. They are made of some kind of metal with holes in it and the back rest is continued to the ground with a kind of pleated hood. The chairs are covered with some beige  imitation of leather which contrasts perfectly with the black of the table.