Ergo Ergo Chair

People realized that they have a steady position all day long, especially if they work behind a desk and this “locks” the body in the same position over and over again. As you can imagine this is not good for your health and it prevents the blood circulation in the seated areas. In time it generates back pain and many other medical problems. That is why people are very concerned now in finding ergonomic furniture, especially chairs. This Ergo Ergo Chair is more than just an ergonomic chair because it brings something new to the ergonomic design: it makes you sit and be active at the same time, thus allowing blood to circulate.

U97895217352767This innovative concept belongs to the designer called Allan Heller, who thought about creating a chair that is in continuous motion because of you and thanks to you. When you sit down the chair gently rocks, following your body weight, and forces you to counter-balance the body in order not to fall from it. So you are constantly rocking and moving, working your muscles and relaxing in turns. It is great for both your home and schools, offices and all the other places where people spend a lot of time sitting. It is available in black and orange and you can purchase it now for just $130.