Equilibrium bookcase

A lot of times, modern means something that doesn’t obey the rules, something that defies standards, something new. Sure enough, when you look at this bookcase you can immediately see that there are some rules that have been disregarded. For instance, this bookcase seems to defy gravity. It appears to be just about to fall when, in reality, it’s very sturdy and stable.

Modern bookcase that is falling down 1

That’s exactly the beauty of this piece. In fact, it’s been called Equilibrium. This interesting bookcase was designed by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs for Malagana Design. The idea was to create a modern design, something that brings something new to the table and that people will find interesting and intriguing. The bookcase was obviously a success, and you see exactly why. With a funny shape and a modern appearance, the Equilibrium bookcase would make a great addition to any modern or contemporary home.

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The bookcase is formed from five modules with different shapes and sizes and it can hold up to 168 pounds. The modules have a natural look, with a natural walnut veneer finish. A lot of people would instantly love to have this creation in their home. However, there are some persons who can’t stand the fact that those modules are not symmetrical and that they seem to fall down. This is a detail that will haunt the forever and would make their days more stressful than they already are.