Enhancing your Interiors with Modern Wood Shutters

Window treatments are often those items of your home that takes a ‘back seat’ in our mind when it comes to decorating. After all, many window treatments aren’t considered until the rest of the room is put together, except for shutters. Window shutters, especially wood varieties are highly desirable in most homes today and can actually increase the value of your home. Whether you are considered the traditional style of shutter or plantation style both are durable and usually remain with the home after the buyers have moved out. If you are trying to determine how wood shutters can be used in your home, here are a few ideas.

wood shutters interiors resort
Wood shutters can enhance your interiors

Decorating your home with plantation shutters:

Plantation shutters, so called because of their origins date back to when plantation home in the Southern United States used these for their windows.  Made of durable wood and wide louvers, this style of shutter is most popular because of it’s ability to control light, and to add a luxury feel to any interiors. For many homeowners the use of plantation shutters should be considered for durability, but as well as light control. A middle divider rail is affixed to the shutters to enable shutters to open and close easily as well as control the separate sides of the shutter.

plantation shutters bathroom
Plantation shutters – which type will choose?

Traditional style wood shutters:

You may have seen traditional style wood shutters in older homes that have smaller slats or louvers and tend to close off the view to the outdoors. This style of shutter was one of the first types of wooden shutters and come in different varieties depending on your design style. Many people often confuse shutters that go on the exterior of your home – first used to cover windows in the case of damaging winds and weather. Today these shutters are used as decorative adornments to the exterior of many facades. These are separate from traditional interior shutters, but the same concept of controlling light into your home is the same.

shutters living room
Shutters come in a variety of shapes and styles
wood shutters porch
Wood shutters work great on an outdoor porch

Find shutters to fit your decor:

With all of the decorative styles of wooden shutters out, there are also PVC and less expensive shutter materials that many window treatment manufacturers offer. While wooden varieties come in different stain colors depending on the wood species such as walnut, mahogany and bamboo, there are man-made materials made from resin with wood imprinting and are faux wood. Many manufacturers offer different size louvers for custom looks. Wider slats tend to give a more modern and sleek look, while narrower are used for more traditional homes. Whichever you prefer wood shutters can enhance any home’s interiors.

wood shutters ideas
Change your interiors with wood shutters

If you have been searching for window treatments and can’t decide, use these tips to consider wooden shutters. They can increase the value of your home, make your interiors look great, and are versatile for controlling light and privacy. Wooden shutters may be just what you’ve been searching for.