Energy Saving “Bug Eyes” on the Private Villa Nurbs

Bugs have never represented a great attraction for although I love all sorts of insects: ladybirds, butterflies or bug flies. Sometimes even if I love to watch them, I am not so enchanted to touch them too. I am not such a brave person and I am afraid of all sorts of things so that I prefer to watch them from distance and not to get too close.

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The moment you see the dynamic Villa Nurbs located on the Costa Brava in Spain you may think of a strange UFO or some odd sculptural object. Besides its unusual shape you will also be impressed by the appearance of its plastic” bug eyes”. They can make you think of a special insect but they are also very precious for this building .They are some plastic bubbles that save energy, they reduce the Villa Nurbs’ energy consumption, deflecting the sun light.

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Enric Ruiz Geli, together with the artist Frederic Amat and the ceramist Toni Cumella tried to find some alternative materials to regulate the building’s interior temperature. Besides these ETFE plastic bubbles there were also used wavy Corian ceramic plates that cover the north side of the roof and have the same effect as the plastic bubbles, save energy.{found on}