Experimental Low-Energy Home Surrounded By Fields And Meadows

Wooden House Zilvar is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient residence completed by ASGK Design. The company, established in 2006, takes on both commercial and residential projects and places great emphasis on the individual approach of each project. Their work combines aesthetics and practicality with sustainability and efficiency.

Wooden House Zilvar back facade and terrace

This holiday home is located in Lodin, in the Czech Republic. It’s an experimental home with an unconventional shape and views of old oak trees and a vast green landscape. The site is surrounded by fields, meadows and woods, providing a very relaxing and tranquil ambiance.

Wooden House Zilvar facade from an angle

With architecture and design features such as the timber frame structure and the overall unusual shape gives by the variations of a pitched roof, the house stands out and without looking out of place on the site. The facade is quite intriguing, featuring a play on square windows, some also featuring wooden shutters with designs reminiscent of rustic barns.

Wooden House Zilvar square windows on facade
Wooden House Zilvar window shutters

The entrance leads into the social area. The living room and the kitchenette share an open floor plan and full height sliding glass doors connect them to a covered outdoor terrace. The indoor-outdoor connection comes as a natural feature for the ground floor spaces.

Wooden House Zilvar living room and kitchenette
Wooden House Zilvar kitchen industrial decor

The continuous wooden floor and wood-paneled walls and ceilings ensure a smooth and seamless transition as well as an overall cohesive look. The ground floor is designed as one large living space and this also includes the terrace and any other similar features.

Wooden House Zilvar full height windows on ground floor
Wooden House Zilvar social area and covered terrace

A sculptural metal staircase leads up to a gallery where the bedrooms are located. This is the private area which is, at the same time, connected to the social zone. It has large windows and openings and a slanted ceiling which gives it a particularly cozy feel.

Wooden House Zilvar metal staircase and window seating

A small desk fits in one of the corners and even has its own cute square window. The interior design on this level is, in general, very simplistic. Certain elements and details have to do with the low-energy standard and overall sustainable approach.

Wooden House Zilvar upper floor connection to ground level
Wooden House Zilvar upper floor staircase railing

The list includes details such as the presence of hardwood floors, the wood and aluminum window frames with insulated triple glazing, the thick insulation on the walls and roof, the mineral insulation inserted into the framework and the plywood boards that cover the interior walls and ceiling.

Wooden House Zilvar upper floor corner desk

Other features have different roles. For example, the large glazed areas are designed to let in natural light and to ensure a well-illuminated, fresh and airy ambiance throughout. In addition, their role is also to establish a seamless indoor-outdoor connection and to open the interior spaces to the views.

Wooden House Zilvar facade glazing
Wooden House Zilvar terrace lighting

The interior is defined by unique featured found in every zone and room. The social area, for instance, is a welcoming and cozy space where elements such as the firewood storage, the wood-burning stove and the simple but perfectly at home furniture and accessories give character to the space.

Wooden House Zilvar covered windows and glass doors