Enclume Deep Shelf Pot Rack

I think we all should know how to cook, at least the essentials because you never know when you will need it. Besides, if you are the one cooking, you will know for sure when it was cooked and what ingredients are in it, if it is made of natural things or not. Any way, ever since I got married I started watching all kinds of cooking shows on TV because they give you a lot of useful tips and information. And I saw the chefs had an impressive arsenal of pots and pans, but they do not stay in the cupboard; they are displayed in plain sight, hanging from a special support. Here is Enclume Deep Shelf Pot Rack, something I have been dreaming to have in my kitchen.

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It may look sophisticated, but it actually has very simple design and it is very easy to use, making your kitchen the room where you feel most comfy and where you just need to stretch your arms and will find the right pot. It is mounted on the wall and is sturdy enough to support all your pots since it is made of hammered steel that has a protective wax finish. The pots get hanged by the 12 steel hooks  and can be bought for  $180.00 – $260.00 , depending on size.