Emlyn Three Seat Sofa from Habitat

Sofas are great for the living room and they are those pieces of furniture that suggest relaxation and chatting with friends over a cup of coffee. Sofas are supposed to be comfortable and nice, soft and nice to touch and they should make you feel safe and embraced. This particular Emlyn Three Seat Sofa from Habitat is the best example of sofa, beautiful and comfortable, nice and yet kind of discreet, not standing out from the overall picture of the room. First of all it is large enough to allow three people to sit there, so it is not meant to house a couple, but three, which is already a crowd, so perfect for a bunch of friends.

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This sofa is is covered with linen mix fabric and has a nice grey colour. It has comfortable and soft cushions, both for the seat and for the back rest. The four short legs are made of wood and they are sturdy enough to support the whole weight of the sofa and the people sitting on it, too. It has high curving arms and a high back and is designed by Bethan Gray for Habitat. The sofa is perfect for a modern living room and can be purchased online for a special price of £1,170.00.