Emile Henry Shell Dish

I like having lunch and dinner in the family, whenever possible, when we are all at home and can feel like being a family and sharing the most intimate moments in a day. But since lunch is taken at work, I try to make dinner a festive occasion and take out the porcelain dishes and all of us sit around the dining room table. And at least once a week I try bringing something new to table: a small appetizer, a nice bunch of flowers, a special napkin, etc. Emile Henry, a French designer, is great because he seemed to have read my mind and invented a special design for a dish. The Emile Henry Shell Dish is really special because it looks like a shell and is made for appetizers.


This shell dish is shaped like a shell and handmade. It is made of high fired Burgundy clay in France and it has a long tradition in this manufacture. The clay is covered with a very hard glze and this makes it resistant to scratches. Just like other ceramic items, the dish has thermal properties, as it keeps the temperature of the dish for a long time, maintaining cold meals cold and hot ones hot. The dish is strong enough to be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher and it is also shock resistant. You can buy it for $7 , but the price for the moment is $3.5.