Emergency Heat Grenade by Sam Evans

I’m sure you’ve been at least once in the situation when you were in a camping area and you needed a cooker replacement. Keep in mind that situation and take a look at this incredible Heat Grenade. I’m sure you had it then. The Heat Grenade is actually very useful in situation like this one. It’s also a very good item to have in emergency situations and blackouts.

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This simple cooking platform is all about compactness and portability. As a closed structure it’s very small and occupies very little space. It actually looks like a grenade, hence the name. When you open it, the structure is big enough to hold a pot and it allows you to cook a delicious meal. The Heat Grenade is powered by paper thin batteries made by Cenimat. It’s a great item to have when you go camping or just to have in your home in case the power goes off.

The Heat Grenade is one of the 25 concepts chosen from 1300 creations in the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab Contest. The first prize is a 8-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre and € 5,000. The idea was to challenge designers to create appliances than can be used at home and beyond. The Heat Grenade has good chances at winning but there are also other designs in the game.