Emelia Sleigh Bed

Our childhood is filled with all kinds of stories and tales, games and a lot of fun because this is the only time in your life when you can afford doing nothing and just feel fine and relaxed, enjoying your quality time. Of course when it is winter and a lot of snow outside as it is now, you grab a sleigh and get out and play with it until you freeze. It’s one of those things that give a certain meaning to your life and childhood especially. Well, sleighs have also been a source of inspiration for many things, in this case for a bed. The Emelia Sleigh Bed is a child’s bed that is shaped like a sleigh. It is unusual, but very beautiful.

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This bed has nice and graceful curves that help it look like a sleigh and is handcrafted of kiln-dried hardwood. It is carved by hand and has some nice looking carved floral rosettes at the corners. It has a natural wooden colour, but also a nice aged patine over it. The bed is handcrafted and has amazingly detailed finishes and accessories. The dimensions vary from simple to twin and so is its price. So you can purchase this item for a price between$899 – $1049.