Embroidered Welcome and Guest Bamboo Towel Sets

When you go to a hotel or a hostel, you are welcomed with different sweets and flowers in the room and also with clean sheets and towels. They are usually pretty soft and fluffy, but impersonal, ready for any kind of guest. However, some designers that work with bedding and bath towels had an ingenious idea of adding some embroidery to them with words such as “Guest” and “Welcome”, which is sweet and kind of personalized, without getting into details, though. These Embroidered Welcome and Guest Bamboo Towel Sets are perfect for this purpose, as they are functional and welcoming, too.

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They are luxurious and extra soft, being made of 57% cotton and 43% rayon from bamboo. The detailed and artistic embroidery is made in satin black stitching, with a beautiful handwriting. These sets of towels are made in Turkey and each of them contains 1 Washcloth, 1 Fingertip and 1 Hand Towel. The towels are totally natural and lack chemicals contained by dyes and synthetic fibres and are totally safe for the guests health. Each set can now be purchased online for the fair price of $44 from Cuddledown. The items are perfect for hotels, but you are free to buy them for your home, too, and save them fr your eventual guests and this way you will know them from the other towels.