Embrace By John Green

Great furniture stands out for all the tight reasons. It’s comfortable, functional and it also looks good. These criteria must be satisfied every time. However, it’s difficult to find and maintain a balance between them. We often see furniture that looks good but lacks comfort while other times function is more important than the looks. A very nice example of a piece of furniture that meets all the criteria equally is the Embrace chair.

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The Embrace chair was designed by John Green. Even though it’s mainly a chair, this piece is actually a multipurpose item. It’s made of two pieces. These pieces interlock and form the chair you see in the image. It’s actually a sort of bench made from two very simple tables. When put together, they form a shelf in the center.

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This shelf can be used for storage for all sorts of items such as books, a bag, etc. The storage compartment is very useful as you can never have too much storage space. There’s also another option. You can use that shelf to display a few items.

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Such a multipurpose piece of furniture is very practical and functional. It’s a wonderful choice for small homes where there’s usually not enough space for everything and compromises have to be made. In this case the compromise is actually a positive thing. Use the Embrace chair in your reading corner or in the living room. Store books and magazines in the compartments and, when needed, the chair can become two small tables.