Ellipse – the perfect project

Ellipse is a stunning space constituting a glass world, the work of VS Architects. Located in a residential area of the north ofBuenos Aires, the ellipse is not a house or an office, nor a study, but a mixture of all these and even more; it has something of every one, in spite of the classical building that appears in its final shape. Among the most impressive aspects, there is the absolute correspondence between the outer volume and the inner space.

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Nothing compares to the absence of the walls and the transparence of the glass skin, which tends to weaken the understanding of the elliptical layout. The general impression is that of an abstract character; the pond, for example appears like floating, but what it does is to link the ellipse and the garden, or in other words rationality and picturesque.

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The two registers that can be noticed are both attractive: the glass skin with the three elliptical slabs and the orthogonal geometry that adapts to the programmatic needs. Everything seems to exist in order to emphasize the same idea, that of a perfect project summarizing one essential aspect: architecture. No matter where you look, you meet the same image of perfection, modernity, wide open spaces inside, while outside the surrounding environment provides the most inviting space in a perfectly green shade.{found on architezer}.