Elephant shaped kids chair

People everywhere go hand in hand with plush animals since they were invented. First when we were kids we couldn’t sleep without our favorite toy, then we made clothes and dressed them and threw tea parties on small round tables.  Later plush animals became handy pillows or cushions when we were taking long afternoon naps.  Inspired by those moments furniture designers decided to integrate in a bean bag design animal figures.

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This elephant shaped sitting piece is as least as comfortable as a normal bean bag chair plus the playful look.  Very appealing, this can be the perfect place to sit, read stories to your children from bright colorful books or simply let your mind drift away to your happy place. Kids would definitely love this chair because you see this exactly the point; this isn’t just a chair, this is a toy chair.

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The shape which designers agreed on, allows the TANTO chair to be used in many positions becoming in the same time your baby’s favorite place to take his afternoon nap, a toy or ax extra chair for get-togethers. An elephant couldn’t be colored in nothing but gray. If the product were destined especially for the children segment the color scheme would have been something to play with, but the designers wanted to make this as versatile as possible, so you can’t be too old for it.{found on yankodesign}.