Elephant Mombasa Table Runner Design

There is a big difference between the different kinds of tables, depending on their use. For example a side table is smaller and usually left uncovered, while a dining table is always covered because you have lunch or dinner there and it is supposed to have some table cloth or a similar cover. If you want your table to be impressive , especially if you have company and guests or if you prepare a table for a hotel room, you should use a nice and colourful table runner, perfect for a long table and having a beautiful design. This Mombasa Table Runner is perfect, as it is incredible nice and has a simple and visual design.

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First of all the table runner shows its African origins you can guess from its name, so you can see nice decorations and patterns of elephants. It is hand painted and block printed also by hand and uses brown and white in great contrast. It is entirely made of cotton canvas and can be perfect for a long and narrow table , as its dimensions are 16″ x 108″. I can suggest adding an African menu and some African bowls in order to have the perfect African scene and the guests will feel like going to a safari in the middle of the city. The item is now available for $34.99.