Elephant Chair for Kids

Kids love colourful things and they are really happy when surrounded by colourful furniture. They also love animals, so it is a great combination if you try to mix them both. This is how this Elephant Chair for Kids came into being. My opinion is that its designer was somehow inspired by Eames’ elephant chair, which is a classic in furniture design and tried to make a corresponding model for children.


This chair is shaped like an elephant and looks great. It is available in many different colours (white, orange and green) and you can choose your kid’ s favourite colour or maybe many colours for great variety.


Every detail is carefully taken care of and this makes kids even happier. I, for example, feel happy only when I am looking at this chair and I feel like a child again, happy to be able to play and enjoy free time again. The item is now available for purchase at Room Service Store and you can have it for $195.